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How to Safety Check Your Child’s Commute to School

Your child finally graduates Elementary school and is now heading to the next part of his life, the Junior High School life!

And you are ..what? Wait? Really? That soon?

And yes, we moms, are maybe quite the same ehh.

In Japan, we all know that kids are required to bike their way to school.

(Elementary period, they are required to walk for health reasons and teach them perseverance also)

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And so, the first time mom in everything, who just graduated from Elementary also now is a Junior High school mom,

and the anticipation continues! (Why can’t we just let go that easily, hmm)

Okay, so, this idea of biking with him to the school, came up! (I should know the route, no we should, for their safety

and peace of mind)

And I was surprised, enjoyed the trip!

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Albeit, we went hide and seek because mom was so slow and he was fast, went out of sight each moment (sigh)

But overall it was liberating and yes, fun!

Documented it for his future kids and my future grandchildren…


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