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The Overseas Fabulous Pinay Book Review

I can finally write about my review for the book ” The Overseas Fabulous Pinay ” by  Ms. Donna Avellana Kuenzler which was sent about a month ago to my address in the Philippines.

My apologies, it took me so long to finally get it done and read the whole contents due to never-ending errands of mine.

The book has left me both chuckling and nodding my head so many times because of the accurateness of the “same” experience I had gone through upon

my first days in this foreign land.

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Would like to thank you, guys, who sent me, and I am more than honored to feature you on my blog.

My insights about the contents, you say?


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Read on!

  1. PreparationsWhen you decide to go work outside your birth country, you tend to over carry everything you can! It will leave you with heavy items of baggage and remember, you are alone so no help to expect when you are there, you will be all by yourself, unpacking, figuring things out, so carry essentials and follow the tips written, you will be glad you have read it before the real adventure!
  2. Language barrier – How to deal with the language of the country you are about to go to. The book has tips on how to pre equip you with the language of your host country.
  3. Where to go for help – Being alone and not knowing anybody much more the language can be scary, the author relates so much to that, you can feel you are not alone in the journey. Battling through xenophobia is tough.
  4. Real experiences – You can feel the experience are somewhat similar to yours! Everybody has to go through like, being a first-timer in everything, even the fact that fellow Filipinos in that country may add to the fear, will I get along with them? Or are they going to be rude to a first-timer?

    This book is a great help to those planning to go to other country and decided to take that leap of faith or should I say those who plans to work and live abroad! If you are a Filipino and looking for that perfect guide for expat way of life, you should grab a copy!

    Thank you to the guys behind this amazing book!

    Til next, dearies!


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