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Why Staying Away from Toxic People is Totally Good For You

Times of pandemic hits us hard especially our mental health!

Why staying away from toxic people is totally good for you and for them, you say?

Since we are into the pandemic, we tend to not go out often hence spending more time indoors, at home, away from the crowd, and being online

most of the time so we are glued to our smartphones or social media sites, right?

And since we are bombarded with our newsfeeds (whatever SNS you are into)with all the rants, friends updated statuses of never-ending insults

and no names attacks (the blind item attacks –  who was that her talking to on that post?)

As well as those inspiring posts of motivation, positivity, gratitude!

You are susceptible to online depression.


But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Yes, there is a way out!


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100% of the response depends on you!

You just have to choose people to follow or ignore or block or avoid being notified by those people giving all the negative vibes!

Minimize your association with them, not exactly avoid but minimize!

The People to Follow List

  • Oozing with positivity but with reality perspectives
  • Entrepreneurs who share the same views or values people perspectives without judging
  • People who are working on their dreams and have the same level of drive as you
  • People who have been there and produce results already

When you decide to minimize your association with them, you are not helping just yourself but totally helping them as well!

And choosing who you want to spend time with, or you may want to be alone, which makes more works to accomplish.

Or just be with close family, you may not want to go out without them and more family bonding time

the more beneficial it is to you and your family.

Home is the most relaxing, liberating place in this pandemic!

Okay, back to the topic…

They might question why you are not into so much interaction with them anymore.

Might ask themselves the question, what did I do wrong?

And when that happens, they change for the good which is both beneficial for you both!


Their way of life will change and change will create good results!

So, the next time you encounter people with toxic attitudes, stay away for a while!



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