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Riverside Chakra The Relaxing Way to Enjoy Fall in Matsusaka

Since my favorite season has come and now more than ever is the best time to go for a walk!

The relaxing way to enjoy fall colors is just near the Matsusaka area!

I discovered this place way before my child was in his Elementary days, where the school arranged

to have an event here…I never imagined then how I would learn to love this place now

(those were the busiest days of my Mom life and all I remembered was when it has to finish for I still have

many errands to attend to after, though enjoyed the event with fellow parents..)


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The drive to the place is perfect enough for a lazy afternoon stroll, with the foliage of colors

starting to be visible…

The place is called Riverside Chakra!

A campsite you would want to bring your family and friends for a bonding time and barbeque!

A 1 to 2 day stay at their cottage or you may want to bring a tent instead, all possible!

Be sure there is no crowd!

And stay safe, always bring your mask!

Perfect for a summer outing also, you say?


Check down the video and see for yourself!



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