new year 2021

Welcoming Year 2021 with Hope

Coins for good luck for the year 2021

Welcoming the new year 2021 with Hope!

The previous year has been a struggle for most people because of the pandemic. People find it hard to adapt to the new normal.

At home, this year was quite a sudden turn also.

May nabago, may umalis at may dumating!


Happy new year from the team!

And unexpected blessings came pouring in which I  am very much thankful for!

In Japan, the new year is a time to come home, have fun with family and food!

Just this year, it is safer not to go home which is quite sad, they instead send “nenggajo“(new year’s card)!


Wishes of goodwill, good health, and prosperity what most write for their loved ones.

food for our table to share..



Ours is just a family private event with foods from different sources which we are so happy and thankful to each and every one!

May the 2021 year be kind to us all!

Happy new year, everyone!


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