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Plum Blossoms Glimpse in 2021


I am ecstatic to write again and it is a Sunday!

It was a crazy week, productive as usual.. Kahit may mga instances na sa daming ginagawa may nakakalimutan..(normal na sa akin haha)

Anyways, for today’s blog, will share about the first smile of spring in 2021 which is the Plum Blossoms garden in Yuki Shrine!

Plum Blossoms Glimpse in 2021, pandemic edition in Tsu City Japan!

It was a lovely day and I and mom decided to visit .. it was a cold, windy day but still, soo beautiful!

Not even in full bloom!

So, yes, we are going to see it in on its peak!


And of course, observing social distancing and wearing masks is a MUST!

You are also obliged to sanitize before entering the area, kahit open siya!

If you want to see the place, can book your reservation on Saturdays!

And can accept those who are from Tsu and Matsusaka travelers, as of now.

Contact Ann here..


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