Joy During Pandemic? Is it Possible?

How can you have joy during these times?

The past weeks has been terribly hectic and the schedules both personal and business matters

occupied most of my time!

Check up has to go through pa, (when you are in your midlife, you have to prioritize check-ups na daw,

so there..)

And then birthday went and thankfully, another year older and wiser (hope so LOL)

And yes, our question for this post is, can we have joy during pandemic?


Yes or no?


For those who say no, ease up!

I totally understand why.

The positive cases goes up pa din but you know, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

What, you asked?

You are alive!

You can still go to work, virus-free ( stay that way, you are doing great!.. continue what you are doing

to stay healthy!

You are considered a winner already!)

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And isn’t it a joy, in the midst of the pandemic, you (we!) are doing great!

So, the next time you feel down,

cheer yourself up!

Besides, the vaccine is now near you!

So go get it! (Respect to those who don’t want it though..)

Anyways, I hope and pray that we will emerge victorious after this pandemic,

and we will all see each other!

Walang nawawala!




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