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Anorizaki Lighthouse view in Ueda Shoten: Shima’s charm revealed

The Anorizaki Lighthouse view and parfait in Ueda Shoten is a perfect treat for the family on a Sunday!

It was a bright Sunday and the family was present including our little bundle of joy..

We discussed seeing the “Shibazakura” park located in Ise, a town in Mie Prefecture, down south.

(Shibazakura is a flower that grows thick and because of its thickness, it creates a carpet look in a lawn or park lawn.)

Drove for about an hour to the place  (yes, I was in charge to drive that day and even though it was exhausting, it was fun!)

We were greeted by a bright, blue sea when we arrived!

Deep blue sea on a Sunday afternoon..

But the main highlight of the trip was the cafe called Ueda. They serve delicious sweets using their own harvested sweet potato!

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You can eat inside the cafe also enjoying the perfect view outside.

Delicious parfait with rich sweet potato filling and syrup and the lighthouse view

It was a cozy cafe overlooking the perfect blue sea, and because of the times needed for social distance, large “kanban” (signs) are present and

safety measures are strictly implemented.

We opted to eat ours’ outside, as you can see..

And yes, they also offer a relaxing time, play balls, and chill on the vast lawn.

And so for the lighthouse information, we just read it from here.

Check their Instagram for more: https://www.instagram.com/kinkoimo_shop_ueda/

The video will speak for itself so enjoy, guys!

For those of you who want to travel to Japan but cannot go through these restrictions, this is all for you. 🙂


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