What Games am I playing?

(Breaktime hours, what do I do? And when I have free time, spare hours?)

What games am I playing?

Question for me?

(Pardon me, if I still do some kinda!)

Do I suck in games?

Will be brutally honest with you, yes! (with a shameful face!)

I am just a lousy person when it comes to games. Although I play!

“Really, Ann?”, you asked


But forgive me, I really am lousy!


(This is how I did on IPad. Yes, I know I need more practice LOL)

But I tried and love this site! So easy to navigate and love the user experience.

Oh, did I mention that it is all FREE? Yes, it is!

Kudos to the guys behind this amazing gaming site called plays.org

I admit I was excited when I found out about this, all those games during my generation, are here!

Does age matter? Eh!

After a series of practices, I began to love other games I didn’t know!

But never enjoyed it better than I, was my boy!

Anyway here is my noob self playing.

Thank you to the admins! We enjoyed and love it!

And we will be playing more!



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  1. owenbondocponce July 10, 2021

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