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3 Helpful Phrases when Traveling in Japan

Is the pandemic near to end?

I don’t think so, not yet!

While Japan does not allow any travelers from outside, those with family inside the country

can do ” cautious travel ” ( traveling with care )

And as summertime comes, we would like to go somewhere with the family, right?


Can’t speak the language?


And for those not so fluent in the Japanese language, you can practice these three helpful phrases for an easy

reference of saying what you want during your local travel.


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Easy to follow phrases to use when traveling locally


  • When asking for a place – (Place) wa doko desu ka?
  • When asking where to buy foods or groceries – Tabemono (food) supaa (supermarket)wa doko ni arimasu ka?
  • When asking for a favor always include please – (Favor) wo onegaishitte mo ii desu ka?

For more Japanese lessons, or you want me to coach you about your Japanese or speech,

feel free to send me a message here

And don’t forget to always be careful when traveling during pandemic, with right protocols

we sure can enjoy it and have fun still.

P.S Check the video for those who are not so into reading..


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