The Sacrifices of a Father

Hey guys!


Today is a rainy day here and as I typed this, my mind is wandering and thoughts of Fathers day came in so decided to post

for a tribute for the beloved and never-ending sacrifice of our paternal influence.

This Sunday, the whole world will celebrate Father’s day to honor the “first man in our lives”.

Daddy, Tatay, Dad, Papa, Dada!

Whatever we call them, they are the ones responsible for why we exist in this world (together with Mom, of course!)

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Without their selfless endeavors to better their families, we wouldn’t be here!

Of course, they may not be perfect (who’s perfect by the way?)

But still, the sacrifices of a father outweigh most of us, right?

So what do you have in mind for Father’s day?

Let us think about it together!


Happy Fathers Day Dads!

Thank you for everything!

We love you always and our prayers for good health and more time to spend with you!



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