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Karasu Beach, one of the Best in Mie Prefecture

The crying of Cicada’s woke me up!

When I checked the time, it was still 5 AM Japan time.

Heard from my Japanese mentor that Cicada’s cry the most as a sign for an end of life,

and male does this during summer days!

And this year is no different.

The heat plus the pandemic made our stay around the town only during the summer vacation.

Still, we can’t go any further than inside our prefecture so there, the nearer the better!

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And for a beach feels, we decided to go to one of the three must-go beaches in Mieken!

Karasu Beach, for me, is one of the best beaches I’ve been to in Mie Prefecture!

Wanna know what are those?

Read on!

  1. Atashika Beach  – This is a shallow beach is among the 100 selected beautiful beaches by the Ministry of Environment.
  2. Nachi Beach       – The beach we always went to when we visit the inlaws. This year it will be quite sad for we can’t go.
  3. Karasu Beach    – My favorite beach that is just so near to us! Crystal clear waters along the Tsu shore, this is an exception!


Located in Karasu park, a camping park that allows you to barbeque, party and swim at the same time.

One more thing I love about this place is not only the beach but the park itself!

It is a good spot for a photoshoot, the views, quite a good pick!

Photographers can do anything from the beach, stairs, and the park!

All in one, where can you get that here in Tsu?


Camping fees differ depends on your choice of days, but the beach is free!

You can further check details here

Location address

Mie Tsu-shi Karasucho 2174-1


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