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3 Things to Do when Visiting Kazahaya no Sato

Hello, loves!

The green tea that has been sitting for few minutes to accompany me for this update needs a refill.

I have been planning countless times to do this but today has been smooth and finally, here I am!

Although this was also a late update, about our latest summer trip to Kazahaya no sato.  

Last time it was raining and although it was marvelous with the rain, haven’t glimpsed it with the sun so

this time, all and dry, we explore it.

Summer vacation and we couldn’t go anywhere so for this year, we thought to spend it here instead..



What are 3 Things to do when visiting?
  1. Be sure you have your sunscreen on, it could be quite hot and you might want to take care of your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  2. Make sure all your shooting equipment is fully charged. Bring spare batteries. The place is perfect for photos. It would be a waste if you run out of storage so be sure your memory card has lots of space.
  3. Relax at the gazebo with drinks and soft cream. Also, Japanese snacks such as takoyaki, yakisoba, and mochi are being sold. Enjoy it with the hydrangea scenery and be awed by its beauty.


Finally, the video, to let you be there with us!

The location is in here




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