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Cosmos Reds and Nemu Resort updates

December is just around the corner, and the cold season slowly pricks the skin.

The pandemic also slows down here at my place including Tokyo and we are constantly hoping to end this thru

the vaccines but still the fight is still ongoing so let us continue taking care of ourselves.

Airlines also opened for travel so we are preparing and thinking for it because I do miss the Philippines

as you know…

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As the cosmos flowers spread their red beauty, we, me and the other half went to partake the views of the garden.

It was a joint effort of the people in that area that aims to give cheer to the community by creating the garden and

even putting scarecrows that symbolize the sports of the young in that area.

And yes, we’re one of those being lifted up!

Just a few minutes from Matsugasaki station, located at Hoshiaicho Matsusaka


It was a lazy day and was all alone during those two days, which was an escape

from my everyday tasks!

I am grateful to the sponsor who made it all possible!



And for those waiting for my recent travel to Nemu Resort, it is now available on my Facebook  page here





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