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Trip to Ishiyama Dera

It was a two-hour fun drive with the family and super eager to see what is inside one of the iconic temples of Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures!

A trip to Ishiyama Dera or the Stony Mountain Temple was awesome, much more I saw the statue of the Lady Murasaki, writer of the Tale

of Genji, considered as the world’s first novel and has been known for literature lovers always a great read.

Stopped over for lunch at the parking area and people are not quite that buzzy (in Japan, since the pandemic, the public are requested to

dine in silence, to avoid spreads and wear masks after eating)

 with the colorful Maple leaves taking a rest after walks.

Every time I stepped into a temple or shrine in Japan, a feeling of wonder enveloped my being, maybe because of the history

and what had happened in that place, thousands of years ago..


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The Autumn leaves are at their best, peak season was 2 weeks ago, we figured because of the falling leaves scattered around us.

maybe if we went earlier, much lovelier and full foliage could be seen.

This is another trip in a lifetime that I couldn’t forget and will remain in my thoughts as long as I live.

For the whole trip, you can have your copy while I show you the whole place here



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