The Wedded Rocks at Night; A Day in Futami

When everything is laid down for you, you have the pleasure of just following the plan!

I thought of how does the view at night at the Wedded Rocks in Futami (Meotoiwa)?

I am just ecstatic when I checked this one day plan (1-night stay) so affordable and pasok sya sa budget na inihanda ko!

Yes, nakaplano but within the prefecture dapat and thankfully, Meoto Iwa (Wedded Rocks in Futami) near the hotel is a great choice!

We had the time of our lives and experienced Hotel Castle Inn.

This will be some kind of short review also for the hotel.

So, from home the travel time is just 30-45 minutes and we hit the road at 4 PM and caught the sunset as we drove!

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It was a treat and no workday for me!

No social media, no everything!

Just me and my little man for the amazing sunset, beach, and view of Futami!

Wedded Rocks is a shrine and a symbol of two huge rocks intertwined by a rope which signifies a man and wife. For married couple who wish for successful, married life.

I considered myself blessed to be in this magical corner of Japan where the mountains and sea can be enjoyed at the same time!

The hotel is kind of classic and with the touch of olden times, I appreciate it, especially the private spa (onsen)

It was a reservation kind and you are given 45 minutes to enjoy it!

The room view was amazing, facing the beauty of the sea and the bay!

For me, I give 7 ratings for this hotel! And would love to go back and stay in the same room!

Enjoy the video!

P.S. The Wedded Rocks at night complete video here



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