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Rainy Days and Summer in June?

I dreamt that I was with my grandmother at home and we had those memorable conversations during the war.

You see, I wasn’t home since 2018 which I shared with you on my FB page random lives/talks.

It sent a message that I have to visit her (and those other relatives who passed away many years ago)

Though it’s kinda sad still it brings me joy whenever I got to see them just in my dreams.

Anyways, it has been many moons since my last blog!

It was a crazy schedule but I am grateful for all the works sent my way!

And for today’s updates!

Read on, loves!

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The rainy days and summer in June caught us unprepared! (Those who are in Japan, who know how it is!)

Early July and the effects of climate change on Japan’s summers are so visible!

What can we do?

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Well, for me, every little effort helps!

Collective small efforts and we can reverse these effects!

So, started planting vegetables at home!

Lessened meat consumption, also uses less energy as much as possible.

Annnddd speaking of using less energy at home, spent one afternoon driving to the greens near me.

Yes, this is just so near!

Enjoy! – ann

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