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Winning Back Lost Motivation

Written by: Ariza Heart

Everyone has experienced it. We all get demotivated. Whether it may be work, our studies, personal goals, hobbies, and even in life! After a while of being demotivated, we become so lost in our state of mind that we find it hard to get motivated again. This article is here to help you win back the lost motivation and get back on track.


It’s hard to motivate yourself. In fact, I often compare it to one of the exploits of the fictional German hero Baron Munchausen: trying to keep your motivation going for a task, project, or even career sometimes feels like pulling yourself out of a swamp with your own hair come out. We seem to naturally dislike constant exercise, something that no amount of caffeine or inspirational posters can fix.

In a way, the motivation is personal. What makes you go probably won’t hurt me. Some people seem to be more persistent than others. However, after years of observation of people, I have identified several strategies that seem to work for most people—whether they’re trying to lose weight, save for retirement, or implement one at work. Long and difficult move. If you fall short of an achievable goal due to procrastination or lack of commitment – who among us isn’t?


We must set our intentions and choose the actions that keep us on the right path. They provide an important structure that keeps us going no matter what we’re thinking or feeling on any given day – and can pretty much automate the difficult things we need to do.

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How can thinking positively help get back on track? It is simple. You need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. The best way to do this is through affirmations. Affirmations are statements that tell you what you want in your life and how great things will be if they happen. The more positive affirmations you have, the more positive energy will be flowing through your body and mind.

You can use affirmations while exercising or doing anything that requires effort or focus on a particular task at hand. When exercising, for example, say out loud what it is that motivates you to exercise — maybe it’s being healthy or feeling strong or getting fit — and repeat that affirmation several times throughout the day until it becomes habit-forming!


This helps you to remain motivated. It’s not just about having a goal; it’s being able to achieve it.

When you have a goal, you know what to do next. You have a plan, and you know how to get there. If something comes up and prevents you from reaching your goal, then you can easily adjust your plans in order to make sure that you can still reach them.

One of the reasons people give for not setting goals is that they don’t want to feel like they’re disappointing themselves by not achieving their goals. But the truth is that if you don’t set any plans/goals at all then there won’t be any disappointment either way – because there won’t be anything specific for which to feel disappointed.

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There are two ways in which people become demotivated when they set goals:

  1. If their goal isn’t challenging enough (e.g., “I want to lose weight”), then they’ll start feeling like they aren’t making any progress toward achieving it, and this could lead them to give up altogether.
  2. If their goal is too challenging, (e.g., winning an Olympic Medal.) Then they’d start feeling discouraged.

It is important to never give up on a goal for the sole reason that it seems too difficult. If you don’t make the time to work toward your goals, then you may never have the goal that you thought was unreachable.”

This quote tells us that even if we feel like we can’t achieve our goals it’s better to keep trying. It also tells us how important it is not to give up and continue working no matter what. So back on track we go!

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