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Memorable Taiwan

The series of canceled trips because of the pandemic and even post-pandemic, continues!

Hayy, life! But ganyan talaga, ano? So, whatever life hands you, accept it with open arms and still be thankful

because there is always a reason why!!

Ayun, so yun nga!

Kwentuhan time na tayo!

So, last March was my first trip with my IMG family and the event itself!

It was like, ano bang meron dito? Hmm!

And it was a fantastic and more memorable experience PLUS more learnings about my financial journey with IMG!

I am into studying this financial industry and IMG helped tremendously!

Before, I so was like not minding the company because you know why na, and we can’t help it since andami na nga mga”claiming legits but all in all, ilalagay ka lang pala sa mga MLMS”, so ikaw din, and yes, hindi tayo masisi!

Ika nga, treat everything with a grain of salt!

I so enjoyed my first trip with them and definitely not my last!

So here is my trip, enjoy, mga pangga!

The food!

The rest of the Taiwan experience! Watch below!



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