Resume Cleaning Operations by Kampi, a Filipino organization in Mie Prefecture

We can now feel the temperatures slowly drop, dapat lang no! Mag O October na kaya!

At hindi lang temperatures, nakikisabay din mga sudden weather change, yung ang init init tapos bigla uulan, yes ganun pa din sya.

Even though, we are thankful that after all these and all other events na mga nakacancel, this time natuloy din naman!

And for this blog update, isahang update na no, andami ko dapat isusulat, isahang upuan na to! Sana Haha

Invited by Kampi organization led by our very own Madam D, Divina Kuroiwa

And I remember how many times I was told to participate sa cleaning operations nila and was glad na nakasama na tayo

this year!

Hope, it won’t be the last, it was a rewarding experience plus meeting new members of our Filipino community in this area.

Was so nice to participate and hope we will be able to join next time also!

The volunteers

The volunteers

The place was in Meiwa Beach.

The mission was to clean for 2 hours and after it was segregated according to the nearest recycling center.

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Check the video below <3

Preparation here: Preparation for the Kampi event

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